How to change a tyre in a bike wheel

wheel tyre

Bicycle puncture is quite common, especially when riding on rough terrain or using poor quality or worn tires. Such an unpleasant incident occurs to the rider at least once in a season, and some “lucky” to change the tyre two or three times in a small hike.

And if an experienced cyclist to change the tyre on your bike – it’s five minutes, for some reason, beginners are very afraid to remove the tire on their own and most often dragged your bike to service or friends. It’s actually very easy to change the tyre:

How to get a punctured tyre out of a wheel…

  • The first thing to do is to remove the punctured wheel from the bike.
  • Next, unscrew the protective cap from the nipple and completely deflate the wheel if necessary.
  • The third step is the most important: you need to hook the edge of the tire with a tool and pull it out of the rim. For this purpose, you can use the special mountings, which are sold in almost every bicycle shop. Of course, they are more convenient to remove the tire and there is no risk of damage to the rim. However, there are situations where such a tool is not at hand. In this case, you can use any fairly thin and durable objects: various wrenches, a beer can opener or even a travel spoon.

The only limitation is that your instrument must not have sharp ends, otherwise you will puncture the tyre in a couple more places. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you do not use screwdrivers, knives or other sharp objects to remove tires. It is also worth remembering that you can damage the rim if you press too hard.

In order to remove the tire from the rim, you need to hook the edge of the tire with the first “mounting” and pull it out by the rim. At the same time, you should hold the mounting so that the tire is not inside the rim again, and the mounting itself does not fly into your forehead.

Then, with the second assembly, pull out the tire edge next to the first assembly in a similar way. Do not forget to hold the first assembly at the same time!

After that you will feel that the tension of the tire has already been significantly loosened and you can pull out the montages. Now carefully pull out the edge of the tire along the wheel diameter with one mounting until it is completely free. In many cases this can also be done by hand.

If the tension of the tire is still high after the two assemblies have been used, a third assembly should be used in the same way.

  • The result should be that one edge of the tire is completely removed from the rim.

– Then the tyre itself must be removed. To do this, remove the nipple and then gently remove the tyre from under the tire.

How to install a camera in a bicycle wheel

Almost every rider has had at least one such problem, such as changing the bicycle camera. Our roads leave much to be desired, so a burst camera is not uncommon.

It’s best to learn how to change the camera yourself, because failure can catch you on the road, and to get home, you’ll have to change the camera or put in a patch.

  • First, check if there are any sharp objects left in the tire that could damage the new or glued camera. To do this, you need to visually inspect the tire and guide your hand along the inside of the tire. It is also worth paying attention to whether a spoke or its attachment is protruding inside the wheel. In case of any doubts, the installation of the camera should be stopped.

Slightly pump up the camera to avoid damage during installation.

  • Take a new bicycle camera and pump it up lightly.
  • Now gently insert the nipple into the corresponding hole in the rim, then place the tires and the entire camera inside.
  • Fill the tire into the rim. Fill the tire edge over the entire wheel diameter into the rim. You’ll most likely be able to do this with your hands. However, there may be a situation where there is a part of the edge that is difficult to fill into the rim. Then you should use the tire fitting again and fill the tire with it. At this stage there is a danger of piercing the camera with the rim mount. Be careful.
  • Slightly inflate the wheel and give the tire a good rush so that the camera inside can spread out. Then inflate the wheel to the required pressure.
  • Remember to screw the cap on the nipple.
  • Put the wheel on the bicycle and clamp it.
  • DO NOT check the brakes.

What kind of valves are there?

There are three main types of veins:

  1. Cyclone (French)
  2. Autonipel (American)
  3. Nipple as in old bicycles (German)

I hope this article will help you learn how to change the camera yourself. Have a good trip!